Sunday, April 11, 2010

Veg fried rice

Fried rice is originally extracted from Chinese cuisine. But it is quite common in Indian cuisine also. In traditional Chinese cuisine fried rice consisted of just green peas and spring onions stir fried along with cooked rice, just soya sauce, salt and pepper was added to bring out the flavours.But,now fried rice is cooked along with many ingredients like carrots, mushrooms, beans, cabbage, etc. The idea is to stir fry each vegetable separately so as to maintain its distinct flavour , then to stir fry them all together along with soya sauce, salt and pepper. Spring onions are the most important ingredient as they give a distinct flavour for fried rice. I cook fried rice as often as possible as I simply love it. Here goes the recipe...

Cooked rice - 1 kilo
carrots - 2 nos
beans - 50 grams
spring onions - 50 grams or handful
mushrooms - 50 grams
soya sauce - 2 tbsp
pepper - 1 tsp
salt for taste( ajinomoto ca be used)
oil for cooking

In a wok( kadai) add finely chopped carrots in hot oil, then add chopped beans, mushrooms and about 25 grams spring onions and stir fry. Now add soya sauce, rice,salt ,and pepper into the wok and continue to fry for 5 min. Now its done. Garnish with remaining spring onions and serve.

I have excluded green peas as I don't like that flavour much.Spring onions maybe used lavishly. Dark soya sauce, mushroom sauce etc may be used if u like dark colored fried rice. If You prefer very light colored fried you'll can use light soya sauce.

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