Wednesday, April 28, 2010

String hoppers ( idiappam/ nool puttu/nool appam)

String hoppers are simple and easy to digest food served at breakfast, or dinner (I can't remember having it anywhere at lunch). These are so simple and made out of rice flour and water. Very healthy as it is only steamed. This is given to elderly people and also infants (as its very easy to digest). Tastes best when Served with chicken, fish, egg or mutton curry (usually at wedding parties it is served with mutton or chicken gravy). In kerala they serve it with coconut milk and sugar, even little children prefer to have it that way. I remember when I was a child I simply used to love the coloured string hoppers( pink, blue, etc.) which one of my aunt used to make (and I remember her whenever I cook string hoppers). Some people prefer to add wheat flour, that gives a brownish color. To do string hoppers, you will surely need a vermicelli press or idiappam press, a idiappam plate or idli plates or steaming plates( with holes) and a steamer. Here is the recipe...

Rice flour - 1 cup
water - 1 cup
salt for taste
ghee/oil - 1 1/2 tsp

Boil water along with salt and ghee. Lower heat and add rice flour with constant stirring (see the mixture is lump free). Remove from heat, knead the mixture well to form dough. Put some dough into a vermicelli press and press onto the idli plates, rotating clockwise. Steam for 5 - 10 min or till done. Serve hot with veg kuruma, or chicken gravy or even coconut milk( sweetened).

Grated coconut can be added before steaming for better taste.


  1. wud love to try this.....but for this i'll have to buy (search here..even before)vermicili press....but its very tempeting...


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