Friday, April 9, 2010

Crumb fried chicken

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Planning for a menu specially for some weekend parties, or kitty parties, or even when its your kid's birthday could be blowing your mind. It happens! I keep wondering for hours together for what to cook specially for starters which could be prepared in a short time duration and should be tasty enough for the guests and kids. Crumb fried chicken is one such. In continental cooking its usually a flat piece of chicken breast marinated with bread crumbs and deep fried and its usually called as "ESCALOPE DE POULET".Since, I'm cooking a Indian version, I prefer small pieces of chicken well marinated with spices( escalope de poulet is usually not spicy).Hope you'll would like the recipe and include it soon in your meal.

Boneless chicken - 750 grams
chilly powder - 1tbsp
garlic paste - 1tsp
dark soya sauce - 1 tsp
red color( optional) few drops
egg white of one egg
salt for taste
bread crumbs for dipping

Cut the boneless chicken( can use from chicken breast,or even thighs) into tiny pieces. Add chilly powder, garlic paste, and dark soya sauce and marinade for about 2 hours. Now add red color and salt. Now, dip this chicken in egg white , then roll over bread crumbs and deep fry until its done.Remove excess oil using Kitchen tissue. Its now ready to be served.

Note:Lime or lemon wedges, onion rings etc can be used to garnish. This can be served with tomato or tamarind chutney.

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