Monday, April 19, 2010

Dosa( Dosai,dose)

Dosa is a south Indian delicacy. It is served at breakfast and evening tiffin. This is very very healthy as it is made of rice and black lentils. Each dosa would cost you about 100 calories only( inclusive of the oil). I feel they are very healthy and tasty option. In available all around south India at restaurants and even some thathukadai dosa shops. In India there are certain restaurants which serves mainly dosa only( all varieties dosa, may or may not include other food on the menu) like Dosa express, Dosa calling, Dosa corner etc... Here is the recipe....

Par boiled rice - 4 cups
urad dal( black lentils)- 2 cups
fenugreek seed - 1tsp
toor dal - 4 tsp
salt - 1 tsp
oil for cooking dosa

Soak rice and dal( add fenugreek seeds and toor dal along with dal) separately for about 4-6 hours. Grind this into a smooth paste and allow it to ferment overnight. In the morning, add salt and mix the batter well. Heat a non-stick pan( even dosa tawa is ok), pour dosa batter using a laddlespoon in the centre. Spread in circular motion to the outer edge.Drizzle a tbsp of oil all around. Turn over and cook if required( I cook only one side). Serve hot crispy dosas with sambar, chutney etc...

The pan should be hot enough before pouring the batter( not very hot). Pour oil in the sides as this helps in the dosa to come out well.

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