Friday, April 16, 2010

Stir fried noodles

I usually cook a basic noodle( noodles cooked in hot boiling water , then strained using a colander) and then I fry them with lots of veggies, eggs and chicken. This is a Indo-Chinese cuisine. Quite simple and healthy( as I'm cooking wheat noodles). The taste is simply incomparable. Here goes the recipe:

Wheat noodles - 200 grams
carrots - 2 nos
beans - 50 grams
capsicum - 2 nos
spring onions - 50 grams
boneless chicken - 500 grams
chicken stock cubes - 1 nos
soya sauce - 1 tbsp
pepper - 1 tsp
eggs - 4 nos
chilly powder - 1 tbsp
garlic paste - 1tbsp
salt for taste
oil for stir frying

Bring lots of water to boil in a stew pot. Add noodles and cook till done. Strain using a colander and keep aside. Cut thin strips of carrots, beans, capsicum, spring onions and keep aside. In a wok( kadai) add oil and stir fry eggs, shredded chicken , chilly powder and juliennes of vegetables. Now add soya sauce, chicken stock cubes and stir fry. Finally add cooked noodles, salt and pepper and stir fry. stir fry for 3 min or until the noodles is hot. Serve hot.

Note: Instead of salt ajinomoto can be added. The vegetables can be added ( even mushrooms,cabbages etc can be added) or excluded as per choice. Even pork, prawns etc can be added as per choice. For a vegan version exclude eggs, chicken, and chicken stock( use veg stock instead)


  1. hey thanks for ur comment..........these noodles are also looking nice.....n do try them with bean sprouts....

  2. Thanks Chaitrali :) I've tried adding sprouts in fried rice and it tastes really good. Will surely try it in noodles some time (I'm not a noodles fan though).


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