Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mix fried rice

Mix fried rice is one such easy recipe and a its such a great way to use leftover rice (I have used fresh rice in this recipe though). Even leftover prawns, chicken or pork etc can be used. This recipe is quite common in south Asia including India( though only certain Chinese restaurants serve this). Here goes the recipe...

Cooked rice - 1 kilo
carrots - 2 nos
beans -50 grams
spring onions - 1 cup
mushrooms - 50 grams
Oyster sauce - 2 tbsp
mushroom sauce -1 tbsp
pepper - 1 tsp
chicken - 500 grams
prawns - 300 grams
egg - 4 nos
salt for taste
oil for stir frying

Stir fry finely chopped boneless chicken and keep aside. Stir fry prawns until they
change color( or done). Stir fry egg and keep aside. Now in a wok, heat oil add finely chopped carrots, beans, mushroom, 1/2 cup spring onions along with chicken, prawns and eggs( which was stir fried separately earlier). Add oyster sauce and mushroom sauce and stir well. Now add salt and pepper and cooked rice, toss well. Garnish with remaining spring onions. Serve hot.

Leftover chicken, prawns, pork, crab, etc can be used. Even leftover rice can be used. Traditionally soya sauce is used. But I have used oyster sauce and mushroom sauce instead( tastes equally good, only flavour is strong with oyster and mushroom sauce)

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