Saturday, May 1, 2010


Kulfi is Indian Ice cream. It is made by the slow condensation of milk along with sugar and other spices and nuts like saffron, cardamom, pista, almond etc. Just in case you add any one ingredient in large quantity say for example saffron, then it becomes saffron or kesar kulfi, if pista is added in excess then its called pista kulfi. The unique taste comes from the slow caramelizing milk and sugar combined with these expensive spices and nuts. Traditionally it was prepared in large earthen pots or matkas (hence, they are called as matka kulfi). Now a days there is so much to play with kulfis (the other day I made strawberry kulfi, and the taste was unbeatable) like there are many new flavours etc. This one is does not require an ice cream maker and easy too. Nothing can beat the heat better than this slow melting, thick Indian ice cream kulfi. Here is the recipe...

full cream Milk - 3 cups(1 1/2 cup milk,1 1/2 cup cream)
Elachi - 6 nos
condensed milk cream - 170 grams or 1 small tin
pista - 1/2 cup
almond - 4 nos
saffron - 0,6 g( since I used saffron powder, can take it as one pinch)
Sugar for taste

For garnishing:
pista and Almonds( finely sliced) - 1 tsp
saffron - 3 strands

Finely slice pista and almonds and keep aside. Add saffron strands or powder in 1 tsp hot milk and keep aside. Add milk in a board bottomed vessel or casserole or stew pot. Heat in low flame with constant stirring. Add elachi and stir for a min. When all the smell of elachi has been released can take them out and discard them. Add condensed milk cream, sugar for taste with constant stirring. Now add finely sliced almonds, pista, saffron and cook till the milk seperates from the sides of the vessel. At this point its done. Turn off the flame, pour into a container (earthen pot, but I used plastic container box). Freeze it. Keep mixing once in half an hour for about 6 hours, freeze overnight. Next day scoop, garnish and serve.

Milk should be boiled on low flame, and constant stirring is a must. Sugar added should not be to too sweet or too less, just add enough sugar as per requirement. Mixing every half an hour the freezed kulfi is very important.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog Rach..
    you have a wonderful blog and see how prolific you are.....kep up the good job...

    the kulfi looks awesome !!
    i have posted a mango kulfi n falooda on my blog Banaras ka khana might like to check out.

  2. u r kulfi also soooo tempting and full cream means?

  3. Full cream means 100% cream, when its full cream milk, it will be 50% milk, 50% cream. Usually its available in the supermarkets and is called as full cream milk itself (the fat content would be high). This makes the kulfi tastier.


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