Monday, May 10, 2010

Bhindi masala ( bendekai masala/vendekai masala/okra or lady's finger masala)

Okra (bhindi) is common in many countries. It is also called as Gumbo, lady's finger etc. Its used in sauce, soups, stir fried, or even curries and gravies. I've heard that its got its own medicinal value (like its diuretic) and if a pregnant women consumes it, the baby with be brainy (I'm not too sure about its scientific explanations). This vegetable is so slimy (specially if wet when chopped or the knife is wet etc). The best way to overcome this slime effect is to stir fry them or cook along with vinegar,curd, lime, tomatoes etc. I simply love this bhindi masala with rice and sambar always. I would be sending this to GREEN GOURMET event conducted by Preeti kashyap from write food
Here goes the recipe...

Okra - 250 grams
chilly powder - 1 tbsp
salt for taste
Oil for shallow fry (I used about 4tbsp)

To grind:
Coconut - 1/4 cup
Curd -2 tbsp
Red chillies - 4 nos

Grind the "to grind" ingredients to smooth paste with minimal water. Wash okra, dry them using a towel and cut into half inch pieces. In a wok, shallow fry okra for 5 min. Add chilly powder and continue to fry for a min (or until its half done). Now add ground paste and salt. Cover and cook till oil separates. Serve hot with chappathi, roti, rice etc...

See that the okra is dry before cooking, this avoids slime. I prefer to add curd as the slime will be reduced. Calorie conscious people may 1st microwave the okra, then stir fry instead of shallow frying.


  1. Easy and simple, yet looks great....

  2. Thanks for the email...all perfect! This curry is yummy and green too (you can send this too as my fav veggie is okra). As this is your new post, you just lave to link the need to repost and all.

  3. Oh yes Preeti :) I sent this too. I did repost it ( this was not a new post, I had posted this a few days ago). Thanks again

  4. Bhindi is my fav veggie and this recipe of yours is a hit!!
    And all of your other creations are simply fantastic too!!
    I am not much of a cook myself, but I think I may have to try some of your recipes, they look delicious!!!

  5. Bhindi masala is superb...looks yummy...

  6. Rach, tried this wonderful recipe tonight and blogged about it :)

  7. Rach, tried this recipe tonight and blogged about it. Wonderful recipe, thanks :)

  8. Priya , I did visit your blog.
    The picture appeared to be entirely different, So was wondering if you did prepare a masala paste ( That would be redish color). Moreover, Mine is a okra masala, not okra coconut masala. In Mnagalore, coconut is gdry red chillies to get thick masala paste, Water is also used to the same ( minimum amount). The coconut should be fully ground to paste ( smooth paste is a must, not a corse paste)... Hope you'll keep this in mind next time and will come back with the reviews :)

  9. In Mangalore coconut is ground along with dry red chillies to get thick masala paste . Water is also used for the same. Anyways, glad u liked my recipe :)

  10. Thanks Priya :) I noted your msg. Very glad to hear from you :)


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