Saturday, June 19, 2010

Veg wrap (Mushroom filling)

Simple, easy, and quick wrap. Tastes really yummy. Parents will love it for its healthy and kids will love it for its tasty. Most parents are worried if their child is eating healthy. This is one great way to make them eat healthy. Here goes the recipe...

Lebanese bread - 1 nos

For the filling:
Onion - 1 nos
Capsicum - 1 nos
Oyster mushroom - 1 cup
Veg stock cube - 1 nos
Pepper - 1/4 tsp
Salt for taste
Olive Oil - 2 tbsp

In a wok, heat oil and stir fry sliced onions, capsicum and oyster mushroom. Cook till its almost done (I prefer my veggies to be crunchy, So I stir fry just for 3-5 min). Now add veg stock cube, pepper and salt for taste. The filling is now ready. Warm the bread on a tawa or pan. Now place the Lebanese bread on a work table. Place the filling on it. Wrap it using a aluminium foil paper or any wrapping paper. Enjoy.

Lebanese bread can be replaced with chappathi made of wheat or white flour, Rice roti, pita, tortilla etc.


  1. wow i love the veggie wrap .... so simple to prepare ... looks yummy too .. with a crunchy look ... you have a very nice collection of wraps rach

  2. love all your wraps and this one is such a easy and delicious mushrooms as well

  3. I am not a mushroom person, but sure can try this with just paneer instead. Thanks for this great idea :)

  4. Lovely and mouthwatering wraps..

  5. Yes priya you can try it with paneer. I do wraps with paneer also, will post it sometime :)

  6. very simple recipe... luks yummy..

  7. Wrap looks delicious Rach :)

  8. Wonderful wrap!! Looks soo yum!


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