Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuna salad

This simple tuna salad made of tuna, spring onions, boiled and mashed potatoes is like a complete diet meal. From complex carbohydrates to healthy oil, it has it all. Looking for a healthy and filling salad meal for lunch or dinner? Here is one...

Tuna fillets - 500 grams
Potatoes (boiled and roughly mashed) - 1 cup
Spring onions chopped - 1 cup
Salt and pepper
Olive oil - 2 tbsp

Thaw the tuna fillets. Once its done, shred them into tiny chunks and keep aside. In a mixing or salad bowl, add tuna chunks, potatoes, chopped spring onions, pepper and salt and mix well. Transfer this to a serving bowl , drizzle olive oil and enjoy the salad.

Do not refrigerate this salad as the sugar in potato will be converted into starch.
Click here for tuna cutlet recipe


  1. I do salad with tinned one, salad looks yummy..

  2. Woooow,,Nice idea dear and also taste very good naa i like tuna meen kulambu never tried like this sure i will give it a try dear..

  3. Wonderful salad! So healthy and yummy..

  4. Looks yummy, wanna try making it, one question: how did you prepare the Tuna fillets for this salad? Did you fry them first and then shred them?


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