Monday, June 28, 2010

Gnocchi in creamy mushroom sauce (Healthy version)

Gnocchi pasta with creamy mushroom sauce and other vegetables was healthy and tasty enough to satisfy me. I used a very very low fat cream (extra light), along with oyster mushrooms, carrots, capsicum and freshly chopped parsley. It was simple and quick, yet so fantastic. Here goes the recipe...

Gnocchi pasta - 1 cup
Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Carrots - 1 nos
Capsicum - 1 nos
Oyster mushroom - 1 cup
Freshly chopped parsley - 1 handful
Veg stock cube - 1 nos
Pepper for taste
Salt for taste
Extra light cream - 150ml
Olive oil - 2 tsp

Bring water to boil in a stew pot. Add the gnocchi pasta along with salt and cook for 10min or till its done. Strain water using a colander. Keep this pasta aside. In a wok, heat oil, add garlic paste and saute for a min. Add thinly sliced carrots and capsicum along with oyster mushrooms and stir fry for 3 min. Add veg stock cube, salt and pepper for taste, gnocchi pasta and stir well again. Add the cream with constant stirring. Finally add freshly chopped parsley and toss well till the pasta is well coated with cream. Now its done. Serve hot.

Can increase the cream quantity to 200ml. And can also substitute with cream with fat.
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  1. Looks yum Rach. I never used knoor cubes. How does the proportions work? like 1 cup of stock
    =1 cube?

  2. UMMM...this sounds so creamy and yummy...second click is very tempting

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. Thanks Madhu :) Even I dont use knorr cubes, I use low sodium maggi cubes. I just add one for taste. Can reduce or increase as per ur taste. I usually avoid adding salt

  4. looks creamy and rich...loved the sauce...and am doing fine,how are you rach

  5. thanks for ur valuable comment dear! will try to follow that...thanks for this yummy,delicious recipe...

  6. Hello Rach

    The Gnocchi looks delicious. I have never made it so am looking forward to trying out the recipe. You have a great blog and I will be following you keenly. Thank you for visiting my blog and hope that you will keep in touch.

  7. tempting and colorful dish...great

  8. How r u dear...Looks yum Rach..creamy and rich..will try this delicious recipe.

  9. wow!!!!! really very tempting... and vry delicious,creamy and colorful too..totally awesome

  10. pasta looks creamy n delicious ...must try this

  11. Great clicks!! It looks extremely tasty..

  12. Such a droolworthy pasta, looks rich and creamy..

  13. Thanks Rach :) Looking forward to your diet recipes..


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