Thursday, June 10, 2010


Chappathi is a unleavened Indian flat bread. It is made of wheat and is commonly consumed in most parts of India. It is a staple food and is usually served with subzi, dal, dahi etc. Usually made of wheat or maida or a mixture of wheat and maida. Here goes the recipe....

Wheat flour - 2 cups
Maida - 1/2 cup
Oil/ghee - 4 tbsp
Salt for taste
Water for kneading

In a large mixing bowl, add wheat flour, maida, salt and mix well. Boil one cup water add the ghee into it and pour it over the flour mixture. Mix well forming crumbles. When it is just warm knead well into a soft dough (add water if required). Keep this aside for 30min. Make even sized balls and roll them into thin chappthis using a rolling pin. Add flour for dusting. Heat a tawa or a non-stick pan , place the chappathi on it. When it puffs, turn and cook till it is slightly brown. Press with a cloth softly so that it puffs well. After removing can add little ghee on top. Serve with subzi, dal etc.

Adding ghee after removing from fire, keeps the chappathis soft.


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