Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Healthy Plats (Chawarma/Shawarma)

Healthy food is something that has gained so much of importance these days. People are hunting for healthy recipes, which can let them along with their family members stay fit and healthy. Any food which is packed with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre and healthy fats (rich in omega-3 fatty acids like olive oil) are simply healthy when consumed in right propotions. Here is one...

Pita - 1 large
Stir fried chicken - 300 grams
Egg Salad - 1 cup

Place the pita on hot tawa, and heat it for 30 secs or until its soft. Place it on a serving plate. Top it with stir fried chicken and egg salad. Now the healthy plat is ready. Enjoy the meal

Can smear some garlic -mayonnaise paste or hummos or sesame seed paste etc on the pita. I have excluded it to keep the plat healthy.


  1. what a bful color,yum and delcious dish...looks mouthwatering...

  2. Looks awesome, interesting recipe.

    Loved ur stir-fried chicken too, I am a die hard fan of chicken recipes:)

  3. plats looks really wonderful n delicious...yum!

  4. really u r a shawarma fan yarr..really delicious one..

  5. Lovely way to have everything mixed, it will be so delicious ...

  6. Hmmm,,,schwarma recipes poetuu kalakare Rachna,,, nice quick meal dear..


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