Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chappathi - Egg wraps (Asian Chicken filling)

Chappathi - egg wraps are great for kids (as they always like something new and different), travelling food, snacking, Picnics (easy to carry and handle), etc... why is it not just chappathi wrap but called as chappathi egg wrap??? Because a layer of egg is stuck to the chappathi. I have used only the egg whites to keep it healthy. Here goes the recipe...

Chappathi - 1 nos
Egg whites - 2 nos
Oil - 1 tsp

For the fillings:
Boneless chicken - 200grams
Onions - 1 nos
Capsicum - 1nos
Chilly paste - 1tsp
Dark soya sauce - 1 tsp
Garlic paste - 1tsp
Oil - 2 tsp
Salt for taste (optional)

For the filling:
Dice the boneless chicken and keep aside. In a wok, heat oil, add chopped onions, and garlic paste a saute for a min. Add chilly paste, chicken and stir fry till its done (can add little water if needed). Now add the diced capsicum or bell peppers (green), dark soya sauce and stir it. Add salt if required (I did not add salt as the dark soya sauce that I used had salt in it). Now the filling is ready.
In a wok, heat 1tsp oil , add the egg whites when the oil is really hot. place a chappathi over it and press slightly. The egg white may ooze out from sides, not to worry. Turn of the flame after 1min. Now place this on a work table, place the filling , wrap it using a aluminium foil and enjoy.

I have used maida chappathis (replace wheat flour with white flour). Can use one egg with yolk, instead of 2 egg whites. Can just add the eggs or whisk them and then add. Great way to use leftover chappathi and chicken.


  1. hi ranch ...gr8 wrap and good concept for travelling food...i will try tofu in place of chicken...thanks for the post

  2. Slurppp!!mouthwatering wraps...makes me hungry..

  3. Thanks Sathya :) (I'm Rach and I hope ranch was just a typing error)

  4. So gorgeous, reminds me of Adobo Chicken I made once. We loved it so much. Great idea to serve as a wrap. Good one.

  5. love wraps and that too your wrap looks too tempting rach, nice one, will surely try ...ya now am feeling much better rach but still i have cold...thanks a lot for your concern..its really feels nice

  6. Thanks Sushma :) Do try and let me know :)

  7. Thanks rach, we ll fix a time and chat when i become fine...have a lovely weekend, take care

  8. You are so innovative with the food...wrap looks perfect and delicious..yummy!

  9. Wrap looks so tempting..that's a fantastic idea..will try this.
    something is waiting for you at my blog dear..please collect dear:)

  10. Rach, here is the link for Adobo chicken I have posted last year. Scroll down all the way to see it! :)

  11. Looks very attractive. A nice dish and children will definitely love it.

  12. Thanks Asha :) Will check it now :)

  13. Great idea, Rach! Lovely and tempting wraps..

  14. Hi Rach, this blog is really getting very interesting! You are an awesome have very simple and easy methods and have a variety of options to look for. Kudos to you dear!!! Happy Cooking :)

  15. sorry rach ,it was just a typo is amusing i made such a silly mistake

  16. Never mind Sathya, I knew it was a typing error :)

  17. wow..they looks amazing!! great pics too...


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