Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chappathi wraps (Cocktail filling)

I always make some chappathi wraps with new fillings every now and then. Specially when I cook some tandoori chicken, minced meat balls, pan fried chicken, stir fried chicken etc. I try and use the leftover food as a filling in chappathi wraps (But, I love to make the fillings newly and freshly and try to do it that way always). This time I used Cocktail seafood, scrambled eggs, chicken and other veggies to make this completely cocktail filling. Here goes the recipe...

Chappathi - 2 nos

For the filling:
Cocktail seafood - 200 grams
Boneless chicken - 200 grams
Eggs - 2 nos
Carrots - 1 nos
Beans (chopped) - 1 handful
Soya sauce - 1 tsp
Pepper powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt for taste
Oil - 2 tbsp

Prepare cocktail seafood as per this recipe here and keep aside. Prepare chappathi and keep aside. In a wok, heat oil, add carrots cut into thin strips, beans chopped lengthwise, boneless chicken roughly chopped and and stir fry till chicken changes color. At this point add some water and let it cook till water is evaporated and chicken is done. Add the cocktail seafood, soya sauce, pepper and stir well again. Add egg with constant stirring. Finally add salt for taste and give a good toss. Turn off the flame. Now the filling is ready. Place half of this filling on each chappathi, wrap it well using a aluminium foil and serve.

I prefer to make scrambled egg before hand and then add into the wok, this will keep the egg pieces large in size.


  1. Mouthwatering wraps... very tempting...and perfect

  2. Chappathi wraps looks really yummy. Nice one.

  3. Wounderfull wraps,luks so tempting,perfect rolls...

  4. wow, this is such a healthy and filling dish. love the prawns added to it.

  5. Looks very delicious rach...love your wraps

  6. u hv mastered in making wraps.....as usual...love this one too

  7. Thats a filling wrap for me, love it..

  8. Looks great!!! These wraps are perfect as a lunch item at work.. you are a pro now in these wraps :)

  9. Yummy warp... Looks so good. Nice recipe....

  10. rach really mouthwatering wraps.


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